Tailored Solar Solutions
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With so many brands of solar inverters and panels on the market it can be confusing and difficult to differentiate and make the right choice for your needs. Ezi Electrical and Solar understand this and we understand that as a consumer you want the best quality products at the lowest prices.

When designing any solar system, from domestic to commercial, on-grid or off-grid a key component of the solar power system are the photovoltaic solar panels. Although it may seem daunting choosing the best solar panel from the multitude of manufacturers the solar industry has employed a tiered rating system to help you do exactly that.

At Ezi Electrical and Solar we want the best quality products for you provided with the best service and advice, that’s why we ONLY offer Teir 1 solar panels. This means that while we offer a range of solar panels that differ in manufacturer, appearance, size and cost you can be assured that they are all of the highest quality. Helping you to compare apples with apples.

We understand solar.

Creating the combination of a good deal and a quality product is our specialty.


EZI electrical and solar understand that your solar system is an investment. Just as you service your car to ensure that it is running at its best, so too should your solar system be maintained.

Our solar system servicing and maintenance includes checks of all of your solar panels, racking, wiring, solar inverter and the overall performance of your solar system as well as insuring that your solar system is maintained to current industry standards as legislation and solar installation standards change overtime. 

When servicing your solar system we can provide you with the peace of mind that your system is up to date with these standards and/or provide advice and service to bring it up to standards.

Our solar system servicing and maintenance service includes:

A one on one discussion with one of our solar specialists on how you feel your solar system is performing and to discuss any concerns or question you might have

A solar system safety and standards check

Yearly or half yearly professional solar panel cleaning

Optimization assessment including evaluation of shading impact

Physical product and electrical inspection

Electrical characteristics test

The results and recommendations of your solar system service will be provided to you in a written report which includes an Electrical Safety Certificate.

Finance Your Solar

We offer financing and payment options. Just ask us about our financing options!